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IT Staffing Agency Europe – international top IT Recruitment and job board + online job exchange ! The IT personnel consultants and HR experts of HSC Personalmanagement manage international professional staffing services. Staffing more than 400 jobs in the international IT industry in sales, consulting and management. In the ranking list of the top international recruitment agencies in Europe managing the IT consulting for executives has become increasingly important.

The future orientation of the company depends decisively on the staffing. Where do you find the right IT staff ? So the right people and candidates who drive Your business forward?

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Essentially, HSC Personalmanagement focuses on clients in the IT and consulting industry looking for IT staff. Our recruiters IT, Headhunter advice or manager in the search and selection of executives and specialists. The IT recruiters, headhunters search through specific (Direct Search) but also ad supported in the relevant media (press or Internet). Customer success is our focus in finding IT staff in the first place. We are totally discreet for the fastest possible processing of your orders.

HSC Personalmanagement is a successful IT recruitment agency with a job board + online job exchange, which was established in 1999. With headquarters in Berlin and branches in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. You will find among other jobs in Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Nürnberg, Munich, Dortmund, Essen, Bremen, Leipzig, Dresden, Hannover, Duisburg, Bochum, Wuppertal, Bielefeld, Bonn, Karlsruhe, Münster, Bocholt, Graz, Linz, Salzburg, Vienna, Geneva and Zürich.

In the future you will also find branches in the United States , United Kingdom, France and Netherlands. For the USA you will find among other jobs in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Philadelphia, Miami, Atlanta, Boston, Phoenix, Detroid, Seattle, Minneapolis, San Diego, Denver and San Francisco.

Run as executives – Principles and fields of action

By Ulf Andresen, Staffing Agency HSC Personalmanagement Management Director Germany


Both IT recruiter, staffing, recruitment and headhunting are the foundation of success of existing since 1999 certified Recruiters HSC Personalmanagement with headquarters in Berlin. The ranking list of the top recruitment companies the IT area is an important success factor.

Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Nürnberg, Munich, Vienna and Zürich are important sites of clients of HSC Personalmanagement in the IT industry and in the USA you will find among other jobs in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Philadelphia, Miami, Atlanta, Boston, Phoenix, Detroid, Seattle, Minneapolis, San Diego, Denver and San Francisco.

Recruitment and Headhunting IT on the basis of permanent employment

In the market of IT recruiter many technical terms for the search of candidates and employees are to be found for companies in the IT industry. The staffing and recruitment describe either the topic headhunting IT or the classic Direct Search as approach to the companies on HR Consultants to find the right candidates for the right jobs. From creating the suitable candidate profile, on the selection of suitable candidates, the coaching of job interviews permanent Job we carry with you the whole process of recruitment. Also, the ranking of the top recruitment agencies in the field of IT headhunting is an interesting market because it is more influenced by specialized Staffing Agency as HSC Personalmanagement.

job board with vacancies for jobs in computer science and telecommunications

job board ITIn the job market of the Staffing Agency HSC Personalmanagement see vacancies for jobs in different areas of IT. The posts in the IT in our job are blank jobs which our clients occupied by our recruiters. Gladly candidates can apply directly to these bodies and also took advantage of the possibility of initial application . Or let Simply drop your application documents Check ! Experience shows that it is nevertheless helpful for candidates to register with the relevant documentation. Such as the resume and the complete products entering the job market from HSC Personalmanagement. The appropriate personnel consultant can go directly to the candidates.
Find the matching jobs for your future!

Recruitment IT in temporary workers

The short-term use of IT staff in temporary employment is also in the IT industry an ever larger group of users in the company. The temporary workers and in IT staff recruitment saves costs for businesses. So also permanent jobs can result from the IT temporary workers. The market in the field of temporary workers is IT for the ranking list of the top headhunter is still growing.

Interim Management in the recruitment IT

HSC Personalmanagement Board Harald Sabin and Siegfried Hesker

For example in larger IT projects optimal results can be achieved through experienced interim manager. These highly qualified managers have many years of experience in the management of complex IT projects. IT projects according to the requirements to implement is one of the key points in the use of interim managers in the IT industry. In the management consulting IT the Interim Management is a way for the company IT costs to assess. All in All the costs can be controlled by experienced managers. Besides in the ranking list of the top recruitment agencies of interim management IT is as a component of services an important factor.

Project mediation and project services for IT freelancers

Find suitable terminal projects as project service for IT freelancers. Companies to present the right professionals in the IT industry is about equivalent access to IT market often highly complex. Rapid success in finding the right IT freelancers. Therefore Self-employed and a corresponding database with the software and hardware skills are an important basis for the targeted exchange between companies and freelancers. Just now IT projects are often implemented on the basis of the corresponding tight schedules in project mediation by freelancers. For IT Freelancer of the contact in the ranking list of the top personnel services is a great way new projects to generate. Project services provide the opportunity for IT professionals to take on new jobs. So the projects are coordinated by the project service and instructs the appropriate professionals. Increasingly, project mediation also runs on the job boards on the Internet.

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